A Place You Can Call Home!

Liberate is a gathering of people who believe we shouldn’t simply go to church… but that we are the church. It’s not really rocket science, it works like this: we purpose to love and follow Jesus, live life together and serve each other as well as the community around us. At the same time, we desire to be the kind of church where those outside of the church can feel Liberate is a safe place to try and figure out what following Jesus is all about.

What you won’t find at Liberate are dozens of programs and activities competing for your time and attention, constantly pulling you out of real, every-day life. What you will find is a loving, accepting, diverse group of people who are passionate about seeing Jesus change lives in Las Vegas and around the world.

We invite you to explore our website and find out more about what this means for us, and what it could mean for you. Be sure and check out one of our Sunday gatherings soon. We absolutely love meeting new friends!

Our Mission

Liberate Church exists to declare and demonstrate the liberating power of a relationship with Jesus.

Our Core Values












Christ-Like Compassion

Demonstrated by extending God’s loving grace without compromising the truth of His Word

Gospel Centered Ministry

Demonstrated by making the person and work of Jesus Christ not only the centerpiece of our evangelistic efforts, but also the motivation and fuel behind every facet of Liberate Church

Accepting Atmosphere

Demonstrated by ensuring that every gathering of Liberate feels like a safe place for unbelievers to investigate a relationship with Jesus Christ

Authentic Relationships

Demonstrated by creating a healthy community of faith where honesty and accountability are modeled by leadership and consistently encouraged in membership

Community Engagement

Demonstrated by developing strategies to engage the culture through service, building relationships, embracing racial diversity, etc.

Kingdom Expansion

Demonstrated by emphasizing and facilitating local and global evangelism

Generous Living

Demonstrated by the willing and selfless giving of our time and resources to the work of God through the local church

Simple Excellence

Demonstrated by intentionally streamlining ministry while paying close attention to the fact that excellent presentation honors God and inspires people